If your kitchen sink drains slowly time and time again, or your garbage disposal makes unusual sounds when in use, put away the chemical drain cleaner and call a professional. These chemicals provide temporary relief, but also cause more harm than good. Drain cleaning chemicals damage pipes and pose a safety hazard to plumbers who come to your home and to fix your drain. Always let your plumber know if you use chemical-based drain cleaners before they start working on your clogged drains. Solis P Smooth Plumbing Repair & Maintenance will send a licensed plumber to your home to clean and unclog your kitchen drains, without the use of chemicals.

Whether it is your toilet, shower, or sink, the local plumbers at Solis P Smooth Plumbing Repair & Maintenance can unclog any bathroom plumbing problem. We have video drain pipe inspection capabilities that ensure our plumbers asses each situation correctly and solve the problem the right way, quickly. Whether a foreign object lands in the toilet, your toilet clogs organically, or a part breaks, a Solis P Smooth Plumbing Repair & Maintenance licensed plumber will have your bathroom back in working order quickly and cleanly.


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